Earn Points

Earn Points when you:
– Securely register with one 1 in music and you’re approved
– Log in
and once logged in…
– Watch a featured video in full
– Point out typos in an article (there is an obvious limit to this!)
– Point out any issue with/on the website (within reason and if approved)
– Have an (approved) constructive remark
– Submit a review (live, album, single) / article that is approved
– Submit photos of live music events
– Buy anything on or via the site including advertisement
– Propose any original self-owned full music-related course for online learning – this can be made available for free or at a price depending on your choice.
– Share any article on the site on Twitter, Facebook…
– Ping back an article from this site from yours, you get points the first time it is visited by someone else apart from you// when it has been visited more than 25 times…
– Submit an idea to use this site as a platform for your own work
– Donate
– Once signed as an affiliate, every time someone visits this site as a result of your referral

Forfeit Points (how many will be told on the action page) when you:
– Enter a draw
– Purchase anything on the site using points
– (major points indeed) Doing any negative action on this site including but not limited to using negative language and doing any action that causes harm to the site
– Get a video to be viewed (when approved) as part of the radio-tv section or the featured video
– … more