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Submit your music – Unsolicited material

We already have our sources for music submission for interview, reviews, press release publishing and music videos features but if you want to bypass these, we have a set of services to help you request an interview, submit music articles including press releases, music videos and more. Simply check these gigs exclusively on Fiverr.

What is the catch?

Well to be accepted, your content has to be:

  • Quality: (music video). Most of the time, this means created professionally but we have had some quality amateur work. Music video must be HD quality and clear.
  • Appropriate: We categorically refuse content that is offensive, pornographic,
  • Factual: If you want your press release or other article to be published, please make sure that everything you say can be easily verified. You are releasing an album? Tell us where and we will check. We might decide to remove anything that cannot be proved and will definitely remove any link that later breaks. If more break, the article will cease to be removed from publication.
  • Well those and it will cost you $5 or more (if you want the extra services) are all the catch there is to it.

What do you get for $5 or more?


  1. We send you a template so that you can fill in the answers.
  2. Request administration: we need to ensure we have the time to complete your request and whether your music adheres to our ethos. We reserve the right to refuse any content that is offensive, abusive, illegal or otherwise inappropriate in which case your money is entirely reimbursed.
  3. Proofreading: Yes, we completely and professionally get your work proofread to get rid of any orthographic, grammar, semantic or flow issues!
  4. Edtion: Yes, we have to check that what is being said is actually true, for the sake of our own reputation, except of course for opinions. In particular, the bio needs reading, adapting to introduce the interview and a suitable title needs to be created.
  5. Posting your website link: Yes, you get a dofollow link from our an Alexa-ranked website!… and you know the power of backlinks in digital promotion). You must note that we check website links all the time. If your website links break, we remove the link to it as we need to keep our website as great as possible for the sake of all the music professionals on it and the readers, and of course to preserve the accuracy of our magazine! It is obviously your responsibility to ensure that your website address is accurate and maintained. We also do not link to unprofessional websites.
  6. SEO: We make sure that your article is completely SEO-friendly: yes, we make sure that your title and description tags are thoroughly filled as well as your main SEO keyword.
  7. Image: We post an image of you for even more effective promotional impact. We only ask that the image is 600px wide by 300 high so it perfectly fits our layout and does not become badly cropped, that the image does not contain words as they can be obstructive, that the image is not distorted as it makes you look bad in the worse way and that the image is in PNG or JPG format, both the best web-friendly quality image formats there are.

We rest our point.

Why do you get to pay, even though it is only from $5?

Hmm, that IS a good question. The first question to answer is how much does it cost us to look after this professional website and the associated social media accounts: It is obvious that the domain name, hosting, security, maintenance, administration, article proofreading / edition and publishing, Search engine optimisation (SEO) and promotion are far from free just like creation was not, and we do everything professionally, not using amateur design or cheap and deceiving traffic or likes; everything is done above board with quality and integrity. The second question is where do we get the money to do just that and why do we not get it from people who do have more money? Well, people who have more money are great but no one invests in something they don’t control somehow. On many music companies, the major record labels have their brands and artists first and that is the choice of any business. To have a voice as an independent, a contribution of $5, $1 of which goes to the transaction costs and the rest to considering and administering your request (if it refused – which rarely happens if you read the terms, your money is entirely reimbursed), proofreading (yes we completely and professionally get your work proofread) it, edit it (yes, we have to check that what is being said is actually true, for the sake of our own reputation, except of course for opinions), posting one link (yes, you get a dofollow link from our Alexa-ranked website!… and you know the power of backlinks in digital promotion) and much more! Resting our point.

Why Fiverr?

Each service (or Fiverr gig) starts at a minimum of $5, yes a mere $5. $1 is taken by Fiverr for the marketplace advantage including and not limited to secure financial transactions (including SSL), exposure to millions of users, occasional features, review system, refund management, continual improvement.

Why 3E WebMedia?

3E Web Media are digital projects management specialists. They are responsible for the creation and deployment of this website. They are also responsible for the inception and current development of our highly interactive mobile counterpart to complement the currently-available normal mobile version of the website. We use them because their prices are very independent musician-friendly and their digital expertise is extremely comprehensive as demonstrated on their website, 3E Web Media: Digital Projects Management and the many other services offered by 3E Web Media including Website evaluation, website development, mobile development, music releases and of course online magazine development.