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Artist / Band interview*: We are now doing unsollicited interviews through Fiverr. Request an interview exclusively on Fiverr.

Press release publishing*: Submit your professionally-written press release for an upcoming release, its cover, photos and associated links through Fiverr.

Article Feature*: You can have your published article (published on featured on the main slider through Fiverr (coming soon).

Banner advertising*: We can publish your banner for a month, simply submit the details via Fiverr.

Video feature*: You can have your video featured on Simply submit your vimeo/youtube link via Fiverr.

Submit your music-related article for publishing: – a music show you watched, a great album your listened to: Write about it and send your details, photo and bio (only send details and bio once) to send us your piece and quality photos about the release or the live event and if approved, you’ll be published with your name on it (don’t worry we have an editor). After 5 approved pieces, you get direct access to author within the website without needing our prior approval! Submit your article here.

*Note that we reserve the right to refuse a submission as it is most important to retain the quality of the online magazine content.

Want to work with us?

All you need is a lot of energy and enthusiasm for singer-songwriters (whether you are one or not), and/or a great penchant for social and other networking and marketing. An essential aspect is the will and ability to learn and research independently. This work is on a voluntary basis.

Reviews / Sending your records

We endeavour to reply to EVERY message we are sent. However, due to the amount of submissions we receive, and many that are low quality we have decided to implement a conditional reply policy. Through our partner 3E Web Media, we ask you to pay a token £1 to request a music review or interview request for a token £1 (please read the instructions on the 3E Web Media store attentively to avoid disappointment) to allow us to review your request including your artist name, a link to your streamed released (no attachments)**, and a link to your bio and your website. Once you have been approved (check the page in the pipeline), you will be able to send future releases directly to the email we will then provided when approved, if appropriate, without going through this procedure ever again (note that if you become part of a different band, you are not the same artist). Make sure you browse this site to see examples of what we offer and ensure you are happy with it. The £1 is NOT reimbursed and does not guarantee a review.

To proceed with the review request, please click here.

NOTES: **Please first, send a link to your streamed release, album only. The tracks should be of high quality, correctly encoded mp3 file at 128kbps or more, or WAV. You can use the sets or playlists in SoundCloud or MixCloud. Only when we reply positively can you send your CD at the address that will then be specified or the downloadable music as appropriate, whether it is for review or for airplay.