DJ iSizzle: Meet your Wedding DJ Soundtrack Maestro

by | Nov 2, 2023

Meet DJ iSizzle (Pronounced Dee Jay Eye Sizzle)

You may have e-met sonic trailblazer DJ iSizzle during his 1 In Music interview. But what you may not have realised is that this artist has dedicated his genius in spreading musical joy to DJing and MCing at weddings. The wedding DJ and MC genius transcends genres with his electrifying beats. His breakout hit, “Don’t Let Me Down,” has skyrocketed to the top of the charts, capturing the hearts of fans of all ages. A trailblazer of sonic innovation, the DJ and MC infuses every mix with an electrifying spark. Embrace the groove and join the iSizzle revolution!

Expressing the feelings of brides and grooms at their weddings

DJ iSizzleDJ iSizzle, a master of musical mirth, recently extended his initial interview with 1 In Music to speak about about his insights into the world of wedding DJing and MCing. When asked about his experience working with brides and grooms, he effusively expressed his gratitude. He particularly emphasized that he treats each couple with regal reverence, ensuring that their special day is truly unforgettable.

The brides and grooms are royalty, and the soundtrack that serenade their special day should be indicative of  the couple’s joy, their boundless hope, and the beauty of their love.

The wedding DJ speaks about his native state where he brings joy to brides and grooms

Hailing from the picturesque Northwest Washington State, the wedding DJ and MC spoke fondly of Seattle’s beauty and the warmth of its people. He talked about the thrill of being recognized by previous wedding guests and recommended by photographers he’s never even met. His choice to work in his native and familiar region is purposeful. He knows the region and relates to its people, his people.

DJ iSizzle’s work is a vibrant symphony of gratitude, celebrating his talents, his people, and the privilege of helping them express their joy.

The wedding DJ final blessing for future brides and grooms

DJ iSizzle preparing for wedding DJ and MC

As the interview neared its end, the grateful DJ shared his invaluable advice for future brides and grooms. Drawing from his experiences with over 100 couples, he emphasized the importance of communication, personalization, and creating a memorable soundtrack to their love story. With his positive attitude and dedication, wedding celebrations in Northwest Washington State are undoubtedly filled with enchantment and love.

Where can you contact DJ iSizzle for the best of wedding DJing and MCing

You can contact the wedding DJ for the DJing and MCing wedding celebrations in Northwest Washington State at his official website at  or on any of his social networks, including the Wedding DJ Facebook Page, the Wedding DJ Instagram profile. The artist also has a YouTube account.