The F Spot Femmes Fatales

by | Mar 8, 2015

Folkstock Records releases The F Spot Femmes Fatales on the 8th of March 2015, a compilation album gathering 10 tracks by 10 talented female singer-songwriters including Peggy Seeger, Roxanne de Bastion, Zoe Wren, Marina Florance, Minnie Birch, Kaity Rae, Kelly Oliver, Daria Kulesh, Maz O’Connor and Fay Brotherhood and some really beautiful artwork by Amy Pettingill.

And what a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day in 2015? Peggy Seeger introduces this lovely collection with deep suavity enhanced by the careful introduction of a woodwind instrument, reminding a partner how lucky they are to have such an exceptional woman. Butterfly is a lovely ballad by Roxanne de Bastion , the very same guitar artist who penned a brillant and appropriately related article for The Girls Are, Female is not a “genre”. The voice that comes out of the depths of the third track is that of Zoe Wren and its power lifts the track she presents, A Moment’s Madness. Marina Florance‘s velvet vocals and heartfelt music follows with The Path He Chose. Minnie Birch is the lovely musical whisper that delicately sings and echoes of Castles long after you have heard the song. Kaity Rae‘s It is, is indeed beautiful. You cannot help but be taken by the melody and skilled performance of Kelly Oliver‘s Keilan Are You Coming. You’ll find beautiful musical story telling in the next track both in the voice of Daria Kulesh and the arrangements, instrumentation and lyrics of Fake Wonderland. There is a calming feeling listening to the tale of The Mississippi Woman as Maz O’Connor gives life to this tale under her expert finger tips and chords. Fay Brotherhood closes the collection with Blue Spiral Screams, offering music that cannot but be reckoned with, with vocals soaring from the centre of her emotions, pouring out passion and assurance.

The compilation speaks of all women, the untold and the exposed, the strong and the fragile, the partner and the potential partner, the expectant and the fulfilled, the mother and, in more ways than one, the creator… and more. This could not be more appropriate for the celebration of women’s day and for the upcoming mother’s day.