I Write The Songs #114 Cale Tyson

by | Apr 17, 2017

I Write The Songs #114 Cale Tyson featured songwriter of the week first aired on Canalside Community Radio 102.8FM 25th of April 2017.

I used to say I and me
Now it’s us, now it’s we”

lyrics by Don Black and composition by Walter Scharf.

I Write The Songs #114 Cale Tyson – part 1

  1. Alison Krauss, Ghost in this House, Hugh Prestwood, 1999, on her album Forget About It.
  2. Cale Tyson, Staying Kind, 02:42, Careless Soul
  3. SJ & the Flying Pigs, Fireball http://www.sjmortimer.net/
  4. David Ball, the bottle that pours the wine
  5. Sheryl Crowe, Easy, 3.37, 2014
    Sheryl Crowe prefaces the inspiring Songwriters Survival Guide by Judy Stakee link to book and my feedback
    Judy Stakee The Songwriter's survival Guidehttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Songwriters-Survival-Guide-Judy-Stakee/dp/0692470654

I Write The Songs #114 Cale Tyson – part 2

  1. Katie Melua, The closest thing to crazy, Mike Batt, 4.11, Call Off the Search, 2003,
  2. Colin Hay, Overkill
  3. Natalie Bouloudis, Raging Forcestress, 3.23, track  from Dead Sea Scripts the debut EP from Natalie Bouloudis.
  4. Cale Tyson, Pain In My Heart, 03:29, Careless Soul, US
  5. Crystal Gayle, 06 Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

I Write The Songs #114 Cale Tyson – part 3

  1. Cale Tyson, Borrowed Love to Go, (“Cheaters wine is flowing”), Cheaters wine EP, 2014
  2. madeleine peyroux, dance me to the end of love, Leonard Cohen
  3. George Benson, Walk on by,
  4. Fatea – Steamchicken – Gypsy 4.26 www.steamschicken.co.uk http://www.fatea-showcase-sessions.co.uk/
  5. Caetano Veloso, Cajuina, Brazil
  6. Dom La Nena, No meu Pais, 3.10, Ela, 2013, Brazil
  7. Michael Jackson, Ben, I used to say I and me, now it’s us, now it’s we”, Don Black, Walter Scharf