I Write The Songs #116 Ultravox / Maya Yianni

by | May 10, 2017

UltravoxI Write The Songs #116 featuring Ultravox and Maya Yianni (aka elsewhere as Little Liar). First aired on Canalside Community Radio 102.8FM. Playlist is below and Mixcloud podcast of the recording.

What’s wrong, who’s right?
Sad machines won’t talk to me tonight
No questions looking for answers
No voices except inside my mind

Chris Cross, Billy Currie and Midge Ure.

I Write The Songs #116 Ultravox / Maya Yianni – part 1

  1. Whitney Houston, Saving all my love for you, 4:01, 1985, Whitney Houston, Michael Masser and Gerry Goffin
  2. Blood Sweat & Tears, Spinning Wheel, 4:08, Definitive Collection, 1969
  3. Worry Dolls, Endless Road, 3:22, Go Get Gone, 2017
  4. Steve Pledger, Friends and Fathers, 4:16, Striking Matches in the Wind, 2015, UK
  5. Maya Yianni (aka Little Liar), Incomplete, 4.24 https://soundcloud.com/maya-yianni
  6. Ultravox, Vienna, 4.34, Vienna, 1980 (remastered and reissued in 2008).

I Write The Songs #116 Ultravox / Maya Yianni – part 2

  1. Disturbed, The Sound Of Silence, 4:09, from the album Immortalized (Deluxe Version), 2015, Paul Simon, USA
  2. Jenny Morgan, Shadow, 2.59, The Songs I’ve Sung, USA
  3. Chris Flegg, Taking My Time, 3:54, The Road To The Rainbow’s End, 2015, UK
  4. Maya Yianni for I Write The Songs #116 Ultravox / Maya YianniMaya Yianni, You + I, One In Two In Four EP https://www.maya-yianni.com/
  5. Ultravox, Lament, 4.15, Lament (seventh studio album), new wave, 1984
  6.  Patricia Kaas, Un Homme et une Femme, 3:21, Piano Bar, 2002, Francis Lai/Pierre Barouh, France – Soundtrack

I Write The Songs #116 Ultravox / Maya Yianni – part 3

  1. Zucchero & Paul Young, Senza Una Donna, 4:31, Italy / UK
  2. Corrie Shelley – Mother’s Kiss, From the Fatea Showcase Sessions Summer 2017, www.corrieshelley.com,
  3. Stromae, Quand c’est, Racine Carrée, Belgium
  4. Justyna Bacz Saturne 4:29 Brassens, Echos Du Monde, 2011, Georges Brassens, Poland/France
  5. Charm of Finches – Fossil In Stone, from Fatea Showcase Sessions, www.charmoffinchesband.com
  6. Ultravox, Contact, Chris Cross, Billy Currie, and Midge Ure.
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