I Write The Songs 125 Mariah Carey

by | Jul 22, 2017

I Write The Songs 125 Mariah Carey songwriter of the week aired on Canalside radio 102.8FM and on Mixcloud

“If I could make a wish I think I’d pass
Can’t think of anything I need
No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound
Nothing to eat, no books to read
Making love with you
Has left me peaceful warm and tired
What more could I ask
There’s nothing left to be desired
Peace came upon me and it leaves me weak
Sleep, silent angel go to sleep”

I Write The Songs 125 Mariah Carey – part 1

  • Celine Dion, S’il suffisait d’aimer, 3.34, S’il suffisait d’aimer, Jean-Jacques Goldman, 1998, Canada/France
  • James Keelaghan, Rebecca’s Lament, 4:42 History – The First 25 Years, 2013, James Keelaghan, Canada
  • Roxanne de Bastion, The Painter, 3.29, 2017, Germany
  • Thom Morecroft, Daisy, 4.04, The City of Music – K’s Choice, England
  • Mariah Carey, If It’s over, 3.48, Carole King and Mariah Carey, MTV Unplugged, USA
  • Phil Collins, Against All Odds (live), England

I Write The Songs 125 Mariah Carey – part 2

  • Minnie Riperton, Lovin’ You 3:43 Perfect Angel / Adventures In Paradise Pop 160 kbps 1974 Minnie Riperton/Richard Rudolph, USA
  • Georges Moustaki and Stacey Kent, Partager les restes, 2,29, 2008, Egypt/USA
  • Erika Kulnys, Rise Up (where were you), 4:02, Un-Herd: Volume 59 R2, 2016, Canada
  • Cream I Feel Free 2:55 The Cream Of Clapton Rock 256 kbps 2007 0 2 Peter Brown
  • Monelise, Fall again, 3.35, https://monelise.com/
  • Elton John, Your Song, 04.00, 1971

I Write The Songs 125 Mariah Carey – part 3

  • Mariah Carey, Everything Fades Away, 5.20
  • Case Hardin, Another Toytown Morning, 4:07, Colours Simple
  • Anoushka Shankar, Land Of Gold ft. Alev Lenz, 3.30
  • Eric Clapton, Change the world
  • Mariah Carey, Angels cry, 4.05, Mariah Carey / Tricky Stewart / James “Big Jim” Wright / Crystal Johnson
  • Albert Hammond, The air that I breathe (Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood) 3:47 1972
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