Nega Blast X - We Want To Rock

Nega Blast X release We Want To Rock

About the Nega Blast X project and author of We Want to Rock

Nega Blast X is a trance techno industrial music project. The enterprise was formed in 2010 by Burbank music arranger and author Dominic R Daniels. His music is inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, Orbital, Eisenfunk, Gary Numan and The Mutaytor. Many also liken his sound to that of New Order, Blue Man Group, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and even Orbital..

About the album “We Want To Rock”

“We Want To Rock” is a 10-track album. With it, Dominic R Daniels offers an original and experimental fusion of electronic perspectives. The takes are cut and dry, with no hesitation about the sentiment they are conveying. They present the underlying waves the likes that would accompany a retro video game. At times , these get layered with adequately-timed soulful and rythmic variants, e.g. in the track “We Want To Rock”. Most times, the dance/club textures shine, particularly in the track “Eternity”. There are definite infusions of trance here and there. These are probably more notable in the track “Revive my Heart”.

There is a aprticularly interesting aspect in the overall album. In spite of its solidely woven club-oriented sonic production, it still manages to clearly convey a spiritual thread throughout. The choice of instrumentation and arrangement on a track such as “For the Angels That Weep” possibly make this latent dimension more obvious. The irony of the title is not lost either. However, it may only try to convey a simple, unquestionable  fact: no one on the dance floor is going to stand still hearing this sound, whether it is physically or pshychically.

Where is the music available?

The project is available for purchase on the music retailer CDBaby at,. You can also cover it on the community music platform Reverbnation at Discover more on the website of the author and music Dominic R Daniels himself: