This, that and the other – Marina Florance

by | Jan 15, 2016

Marina Florance returns with a new album This, That and the Other. Yeah! It is packed with more of her beautiful voice surfing lovingly above the melody waves as well as would a pair of love accomplices. She also teams up with now familiar names such as Fox Allen. The 11-track CD is released on Folkstock Records and is available from Bandcamp. It is always a pleasure for us to let you listen first since her tracks speak for themselves.

She is known here at and sister online music resource as the velvety voice that quietens the tumult almost washing it away and she certainly shows that with this new album, in particular in the lovely second track Little Black Cloud and another favourite Bring Me That Sweet Thing Called Love that musically feels like a nod to the classic sound that she has created with Fox Allen on such classics as EP My own little piece of the sky. Yet, she is not afraid to raise her voice above the quiet wave as she does to ascertain how lucky she is in the first track, I Told You My Troubles.

There are many movements on the CD including the track Carried Away that takes us all nodding to the Americana-type rhythm or a little waltz of two minutes and forty seconds short that takes us into what feels like the dreamy state of the wedding parties as they celebrate. Track four is another favourite, A better song, where at times, the film of her voice goes into a whisper which paired with the occasional harmonies, accentuates the feeling of nostalgia. A little surprise for fans of her voice is when alien vocals come out of the dark, and although the point is understood, we do feel weaned from her voice a few too many seconds. There is so much tearing felt when ‘I have loved her‘ is sung and it reminds us of what we love the most in songs crafted and performed by the likes of Marina: the honest sharing of a heartfelt experience… Discover and get the full album full of other beauties right on Bandcamp and get your daily musical hug.