Tiki Black announces new album The Sound Of The Broken Wand

by | Oct 26, 2021

England-based by way of Paris and Cameroon, singer-songwriter Tiki Black announced the imminent release of her new album in 8 years.
Tiki Black has been praised for her “impressive music” (FabOn, Japan), “warm, embracing and timeless” sound (Spiral Earth, England), and “gorgeous… truly memorable” songs (The Akademia, USA, Nov 2013 Music Awards).

The highly anticipated sophomore album has been teased with the release of its previews and the performance of a number of its titles in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Germany. The final date of release is now official as Tiki Black announced the digital release for the 7th of December 2021 followed in January by a physical release.

The artist took her time with this release, “I need the time to experience, feel, understand and translate”, Tiki reveals. “I won’t rush life for the sake of a song. I won’t create a piece that I’m unhappy having to hear or perform for the rest of my life.” This might be the secret in the depth of her writing, the haunting of her melodies and the praise she has been receiving for her recordings, writing and her performances.

The album is recorded in the Grammy Award Winning Parr Street Studios in Liverpool where record producer Russell is resident. Russell Cottier has worked for Chart-Topping Artists and Labels, – such as The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sony, Sky TV, Nuclear Blast Records, Tamoki Wambesi Dove, Cavern Records, and many more.

With no filler on her new album, Tiki Black presents different flavours of separation, cutting the umbilical cord or as she refers to it, cutting the feed to enable growth. While The Unscripted comes to terms with such an emancipation in an original and refreshing tone, Release Me deals with the internal struggle to part from our own whims to regain control of our lives. The Other Woman is pure Blues with the subtle touch of an operatic touch that explores and plays with the idea of the blame game. The title track, The Sound of the Broken Wand, plays a haunting melody aimed to break more than a spell but its very source, the wand that spellbinds us into its world of shortcuts and instant gratification that hold us back from natural and positive growth.

The album clearly has various influences, blended by Tiki Black, Russell Cottier and a host of talented session musicians in a way that allows the singer-songwriter’s signature voice to breathe in power and gentleness over the whole waves and the theme to express itself freely and uninhibitedly.

The artist’s voice explores its spectrum of tones and releases its power and passion, especially in songs like The Other Woman, defying The Debt, Colour Me Blue and The Crowns Crumbs. The songstress never shies away from any of the scales on which the substance of her songs requires her vocals to slide.

The album stands almost in defiance of the five-year hardship that delayed its completion and release. But through COVID-19, voice loss, funding crisis, the music artisan made it to unleash a wonderfully crafted musical collection. The album is released on No Sugar Added (NOSE) records. It is available right now on pre-order on Bandcamp. The digital version will be available on the 7th of December 2021 at all major retailers and streaming services and the physical release will follow on the 11th January of 2022.

The album is available now on Tiki Black’s website at https://tikiblack.com for listening and pre-order!