Vienna D’Amato Hall

by | Oct 16, 2021

Vienna D’Amato Hall – Artist Profile

There is something in Vienna’s sound that makes you believe that she is already inscribed in the Hall of Music fame and its tapestry in Time. Her voice has a natural sensuality that accompanies music as if it were its confident. From the first song of the debut album (Song of Ruth), it is what hits you. It exudes confidence further demonstrated in songs like Dare we Dance. It surprises you with a toe-tapping head-swinging singalong but only by its own unique hand and rules, as in “Madeleine” and “Benedict”.

The arrangements and production must earn their own little mention in the way that they so well complement the voice and yet allow the song to be its own shade of light. The subtle marks of careful instrumentation here and there as we hear e.g. in We the Jailbirds just add to the overall charm exuding from the tracks. We look forward to seeing Vienna doing more production, no doubt, making an even stronger mark in refining her sound. It takes a listener

There would never be a point trying to box this artist. She wonders in the depths of her creativity with only one restraint: to be herself, express herself, never pretend. “It’s What the Dog Saw” (+~Dear Child) is the line of tracks that almost reflects her music personality: even the simple (sound) wave can hide a disruptive storm. What is most admirable about her sound, her voice, is probably its ability to exert restraint whilst roaring intensity. This demonstration is almost a summary of Vienna’s music: exquisite contradiction that takes you by the gut.

Vienna D’Amato Hall in 10 songs

  • It’s What the Dog Saw
  • King of Keys
  • Famous Blue Raincoat: A heartfelt rendition of a famous song by a fellow countryman
  • Proud
  • Joshua and Me
  • Southern Cross
  • He is a gun
  • Like a star
  • Womanhattan
  • Long Stay Hotel