Coeur Vaillant: An Artist’s Profile

by | Aug 11, 2021

Discover Coeur Vaillant, a rising artist with a fresh, poetic, quirky and inspiring take on life which he instils in his music and generously shares with us

COEUR VAILLANT (pronounced “Kirvayan”) is a story of struggle for unity and love in an impulse of timeless nobility. It reconciles Pop and Classical, while elegant with a dreamy aesthetic. All the while, it doesn’t deprive itself of touches of crazy humor and full of freshness. His influences from Mozart, Serge Gainsbourg, Laurent Voulzy or even The Beatles, give him a singularity of his own. With a unique blend of Pop-Rock, the main artist also dares the presence of a string quartet in all his tracks, all sprinkled with jazzy influences. The melody is one of the strong points of Coeur Vaillant. They make us vibrate and stick in our head. We immediately want to hum them.

This intrepid adventurer has an atypical background. He’s lived in France and the Ivory Coast. These experiences have now parachuted him in Manchester to take us on his adventures mixing poetry and Pop culture. His sound is full of  hope and fantasy, where all dreams become possible. He invites us to travel in the name of the love of life and freedom, which are his greatest values. Coeur Vaillant tells us little stories with a Broadway feel that embody a universe of their own for each of the titles. Behind this lightness and apparent candor, texts with a deeper meaning reveal itself, leading us to a quest for meaning.

Cœur Vaillant distils emotions and encapsulates them in his songs like a skilled alchemist, to transmit his magic in pearls of experience. His spontaneity, his authenticity, his accessibility and his grain of madness assure us that he will not fail to surprise us throughout his creations. But don’t just take our word for it!

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