Coeur Vaillant release debut single Spring Always Returns

by | Aug 12, 2021

Coeur Vaillant release hope with debut single Spring Always Returns.

We have already discovered the fresh, poetic, quirky and inspiring take on life from rising artist Coeur Vaillant in his artist profile. Now let’s hear him instil those in his music with the release of his debut single Spring Always Returns.

The melody came to me as I was walking in the streets of Manchester while looking for  a place to move in. Three weeks prior, still living in France, one morning I heard on the news that  the UK was about to close its borders due to COVID: I made my   mind  up in a heartbeat and got a plane ticket  the same day. My life had to change. The next morning I was in  Manchester with my little suitcase.”

Spring Always Returns is a metaphor for hope and perseverance . The idea is to keep holding on to life and dreams no matter what might happen to us and no matter what other people might say. It’s both timeless and  super relevant to the COVID situation that we’ve lived through .

Listen to Spring Always Returns on Spotify.

Spring Always Returns – Music Video

“We went through several scenarios ideas, which were romantic and compelling, but my intuition kept telling me there was a way to do this in a much original way and without breaking the bank. As I was thinking: “what could make people stop scrolling when  they see  the video in their Instagram Feed?” the image of me singing on the toilets popped into my mind. I ditched it at first but then it kept coming back : “and what if? What if I could make this work? “ The rest is history and I’m proud to say that Spring Always Returns Music Video is the first filmed entirely inside a toilet, and that it’s totally faithful to the song and Coeur Vaillant’s personality and universe.

Spring Always Returns – The Team

  • Music & Lyrics: Coeur Vaillant
  • String Quartet: Maria Grigoryeva & Natalia Nazarova
  • Arrangements : Laurent d’Alessio, Coeur Vaillant
  • Mixing: Laurent d’Alessio
  • Mastering: Bob Katz
  • Music video: Videographer Adam Cinelioglu from com
  • Branding: Dianne D’Eposito
  • Artwork: Eric Vallee
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