Meet Music Artist Jenny Weisgerber

by | Oct 26, 2022

Jenny Weisgerber profile

Jenny Weisgerber takes her time to tell you her poetic stories, with a voice that stamps each string and leaves it to vibrate the rest of the chord notes until it inevitably comes back again. She is a walk in a quiet forest and the murmur in the branches, a little dreamy, a little real. Her voice takes allures of Joni Mitchell at times but always conveys her own brand. Her strings are acoustic folk through and through yet they have her unique stamp. You will hear her EP’s title track Tanguero streamed free on her website and you will want to hear more. That is as easy as getting the rest of this little marvel of a promenade from all major retailers and savouring it in what her music will soon transform into your little corner of the world.