Song Review: “Unbeautiful” by Savarre

by | Jul 6, 2022

Savarre has certainly pleased fans with the release of the 2020 song, “Unbeautiful.” Anyone who enjoys rock soundscapes will enjoy hearing this track. The electric guitar complements lead vocalist Shannon Denise Evans’ vocals rather nicely throughout the entire song. For example, both start fairly softly and grow in volume as the song continues. While not the only part of the instrumental, listeners will find their ears gravitating toward the electric guitar, given how prominent it becomes in volume. By the end of the song, it gets loud enough that “Unbeautiful” practically becomes a duet between the vocals and the guitar. This is certainly a good thing, as it is unimaginable to think of “Unbeautiful” being as good without either one of them.

Shannon’s emotive vocal delivery adds to the overall forlorn but robust aura that the song brings about. After hearing tons of rock songs that are out there, “Unbeautiful” is a breath of fresh air. Shannon certainly conveys the sentiments of the song perfectly, bringing her raw energy all throughout. Her unfiltered vocal performance is charismatic and will definitely capture the attention of music listeners across the globe.

Savarre’s “Unbeautiful” can be heard on all streaming platforms, including Spotify. Savarre is also on Instagram and can be followed @savarreofficial.